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-: Business Sectors

Grupo 8 has developed skills throughout its history that today allow it to offer a broad range of security services, targeted at all business sectors and encompassing the entire country.

The experience gained since 1972 in Manned Surveillance, in addition to extensive technical knowledge about the best security solutions and their respective technological integration, make Grupo 8 an exemplary company, prepared to face all challenges.

The level of competence and thoroughness allow Grupo 8 to achieve excellence with its customers.

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-: The safe harbour for your business

The activity carried out by Grupo 8 comprises a wide range of security solutions aimed at the Commercial sector, in the area of Human Surveillance as well as the Installation of Alarms and their connection to the 24-hour Security Centre. In addition to a strong and solid human element, Grupo 8 offers innovative solutions to this sector for remote monitoring by phone, GPRS or Internet dial up connections, providing surveillance of the site or sites 24 hours a day, according to the needs and the size of the business. All within easy reach via mobile phone or laptop computer, and connected to the Security Centre.

We transport and take care of your assets
Mindful of the specific needs of the commercial sector, Grupo 8 has created a service especially for this purpose that includes multiple solutions for alarms, surveillance, guard patrols, as well as the transportation of assets. This is recommended for businesses involved in the handling of valuables, thus creating a more secure service by transferring the risk to the highly skilled professionals at Grupo 8.


-: Security in proportion to your needs

Industry and Services
The security of large spaces is currently an important activity for Grupo 8, where factors such as knowledge, experience and the ongoing training of manned surveillance are taken into account. Also fundamental is the ability for the technological integration of all elements of the surveillance system, linking them to Security Rooms installed at the customer’s premises or directly based in our 24-hour Security Centre.

It is the integration of all these variables, the Human, the Technological and surveillance capacity that make Grupo 8 an exemplary company and recognized within the industry.

Each case is unique
It is through a security consultation and the conducting of studies that the various performance criteria and needs are defined for each client; characteristics of the business; area of implementation; geographic location of all items; technological complexity and experience level of the human resources needed.

In parallel, a rigorous quality control of procedures is undertaken, always in accordance with the internal regulations of each client.


-: Know how to be, know how to act

Public Administration
Grupo 8 has extensive experience of the requirements inherent in a relationship with public institutions, best practices that are part of everyday life and the ethical rigor that punctuates the rules of conduct and protocol of these organizations.

Today, Grupo 8 sets the standard in the industry due to its profound understanding of their needs, demands and complexities, an understanding that only a company with a track record like ours can provide.


-: A solution for every client

Private customers
The security of private customers is of paramount importance to Grupo 8, who for this reason are prepared to handle crisis situations, intrusion, theft and vandalism, advising the security solutions best suited to the circumstances and budget of each client.

In addition to the services offered, Grupo 8 provides advanced technological security resources with remote access via telephone, Internet or GPRS, which allows the customer to see at any time the status of their goods and property when they are away from home, either for work or vacation.

Grupo 8 advises, the customer decides 

For the security of residential areas, whether apartments, private homes, farms, or estates, Grupo 8 advises and the customer decides the level of security required. They offer the most innovative security solutions available, whether stand-alone or integrated into a custom planned and built security system, which can incorporate the latest electronic solutions at an affordable price.


-: State of the art integration technology


Mindful of the current times, Grupo 8 invests heavily in the latest technological resources to provide its customers a complete service of integrated security, whether complex and sturdy systems for large enterprises, or versatile systems for businesses or interactive home systems, accessible from a distance via computer or PDA.

The technological connection with Grupo 8 24-hour Security Centre is multi-linked, ensuring a connection to the authorities and equally, in case of disaster, a connection to the national emergency and relief channels.