A wide range of security solutions

-: Services

By segmenting its security services, Grupo 8 focuses the expertise and knowledge needed in each one of them, in order to achieve excellence with its customers. In this way, Grupo 8 provides a wide range of security solutions, answering on a case-by-case basis to the particular needs of its customers, which when integrated correspond to a more advanced and enhanced level of security.

The experience and know-how accumulated since 1972 in this particular area are the reason why Grupo 8 is recognized in Portugal as one of the most important nationally funded security companies.

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-: Ever vigilant


In Grupo 8 security is not viewed as a luxury item, only for the privileged few, but as a fundamental right of all people that should not in any way be compromised.

Because the end of freedom begins with feelings of fear, doubt, distrust, and of course, insecurity, some 3,000 Grupo 8 professionals work daily so you can enjoy a life free from worries, knowing in advance that we are always close at hand.


-: K8 – Canine Team

In addition to human surveillance, Grupo 8 has the K8 – Canine Team, a special group consisting of specially trained security dogs (security dogs specially trained by qualified dog trainers).

This team is constituted by the pairing of one man and one dog, whose strong bond enables them to maximize the best of their skills and enhances their adaptability to ground conditions.

The level of expertise required of the human element, the security dog handler, permits that when working as a team, he takes full advantage of all the potential and natural abilities of the dog, especially the sense of smell to detect drugs, devices or in disaster situations.


-: In safe hands, anywhere

Transport, Handling and Storage of valuables

Grupo 8 is fully aware of the security requirements relating to the transport and handling of valuables and money (notes and coins) as well as the level of risk that these tasks represent for any company, whatever the industry, size or service.

For this reason, Grupo 8 assumes the risk for its clients because we believe that these tasks should be done by professionals adequately prepared and equipped for this purpose, backed by a wide range of security services and appropriate technical resources, thus alleviating the risk and daily worries of its customers. In Grupo 8 the transporting of money or any other valuables is made in armoured vehicles, accompanied by crews, specially trained for this purpose.

Thanks to technological innovation and the integration of all transportation, surveillance and tracking activities, Grupo 8 has a logistics system that guarantees the monitoring and control in real time of the valuables being transported, the location of each unit of the fleet and its route.

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-: 24-hour Security Centre

Management of Alarm Receiving and Monitoring Centres
With thousands of alarms across the country linked to its Alarm Centres, Grupo 8 receives and monitors all information, processing it in order to match the specifications of each customer and acting in accordance with the demands of each situation, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

In addition to overseeing all monitored alarms, Grupo 8 assists in the operation and routing of the mobile resources available (Guard Patrols and Security Response Squads) when confronted with alarm incidents or equipment malfunctions.

Additionally, the Area Supervisors who are in contact with all operating vehicles and are provided information concerning the status of their guards, with whom they maintain regular contact and to whom they communicate the problems and questions that arise while on duty, including those that require their presence.


-: At the forefront of technology

Electronic Security

Grupo 8 has been developing its know-how in Electronic Security, more specifically in the use of advanced technology to ensure the overall efficiency of this service that includes Intrusion and Fire Detection, Access Control and CCTV - Closed Circuit Television.

This ensures the automatic activation of the alarm resources should any event occur. It is also guarantees the continuous recording of images from its facilities, which means the immediate monitoring of possible suspects in the case of any undesired occurrence.


-: Security Assessments

Security Consulting
The commercial departments of Grupo 8 plan the design and development of security services according to customer needs, always taking into account basic factors such as innovation, quality of service provided and ability to generate added value.

These departments are made up of teams of technical consultants specialized in the design of global, integrated security solutions, which match 100% the needs of each of our clients.

We prepare:

  • Security Plans;
  • Security Audits;
  • Personal protection plans;
  • Prevention, Emergency and Evacuation Plans.

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