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Grupo 8 pays particular attention to the Recruitment, Selection and Training of its collaborators, encouraging full participation, aware that the human factor is the foundation and face of the company.

In our organization people really are the most important, and training is the key to our success.

1. Recruitment – highly selective in order to choose the individuals most qualified to meet the demands of the professional profile, and who possess the specific requirements (personality, skills, attitudes and knowledge) in relation to each job.

2. Selection – a pre-selection criteria which combines the use of psychometric tests for assessing the personality and attitude of candidates, personal interview and medical examinations to select the best candidates to receive further training and, subsequently, for employment with the company.

3. Training – in strict compliance with the current legislation and as an investment in a process of continual improvement in the quality of services provided. The training programs are oriented towards the development of personal skills that also allow for promotion within the company.

In addition to initial training – basic and specific – Grupo 8 promotes the constant updating of knowledge and expertise in areas such as the ISPS Code, Airport and Harbour Security, Basic Life Support, First Aid, Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work, Security Dog Handling, Conflict Management, Leadership, Customer Service, etc.



Grupo 8 is one of the largest 100% nationally funded security companies, both in the volume of business transactions, and the number of jobs created. We offer several options for your future, all of which include the appropriate training and a positive attitude towards professional development.
  • Security Guard

  • Technician

  • Other functions

    In accordance to your profile and qualifications, you can apply for any position in Grupo 8, simply by filling in and submitting this form.


-: Always and only with the best

People are the greatest assets, which is why Grupo 8 pays particular attention to the recruitment, selection and training of its employees.

We are fully aware that it depends on them, initially, to meet the high standards of quality that we set, so we are careful to select the individuals most capable of meeting the requirements of each function and their specific variables. But this is not all. The training of each one is a sure bet by Grupo 8, which provides a specialized and well equipped centre for this purpose, accredited since 2003 by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT).

Currently, Grupo 8 is comprised of approximately 3,000 employees spread over many different areas, who work every day with total commitment to turning your security into a reality. A reality that is part of the big and small details in your life.



  • A minimum age of 18 years;
  • Have completed compulsory education;
  • if born prior to 31/12/1966 – 4th year;
  • if born between 01/01/1967 and 31/12/1980 – 6th year;
  • if born from 01/01/1981 – 9th year;
  • No criminal record;
  • Must have Portuguese citizenship, or citizenship of a member state of the European Union or of the Portuguese speaking African States, on condition of reciprocity, or Brazilian citizenship.

  • Registration of the application on the Grupo 8 site or by sending CV via email;
  • Screening of applications, according to the needs established;
  • Selection interview and psychometric testing;
  • Training course.

  • The work schedule can be full time or part time;
  • The schedule can be full time with rotating shifts;
  • The part time schedule is determined according to the availability of the company and the candidate.

No. If you have been selected and do not have training or a professional card, the training will be given at the Grupo 8 Training Centre in accordance with current legislation.

  • A photocopy of your personal documents;
  • 5 passport photos;
  • Certificate of qualifications/education (original or certified copy);
  • Criminal Record Certificate for working in the private security sector.

Are You Interested In Working With Us!

-: Being in Grupo 8 is to be always and only with the best.

If your ambition is to become part of this great team, growing with it every day, personally and professionally, fill out the online application form that you will find at the end of the following pages with job descriptions for the functions of Security Guard, Commercial/Sales or Administration.